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The Face Behind the Brand

An Obsession That Became a Brand

Myles obsession with true crime blossomed when she discovered the show Forensic Files, not only did she watch it every night for 3 years straight but she found herself constantly researching the cases and itching to learn more.

Upon discovering the podcasting platform, Myles put her knowledge to the test and Forensic Myles was born! The podcast, which you can find on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, focuses on each case covered in original Forensic Files TV show. It digs deeper into the stories and updates on facts that may not have been covered in the episode.  Once the podcast was launched, Myles knew she wanted more and she entered the realm of Spooky Fashion.

The Forensic Myles clothing line was launched in May 2020. Each item is designed by Myles herself and is inspired by spooky quotes and the true crime community! Each purchase you make with us is not only supporting a small business, it is supporting a dream. Thank you and welcome to the fam!

Shop for Good

When you are in the true crime community, it is so important that we remind ourselves these are not just stories, these are real lived experiences by real people. Because of that we wanted to make sure Forensic Myles gave back to those who needed it most, survivors.

We decided to partner with Shop for Good to add a round-up button for the Joyful Heart Foundation.

The Joyful Heart Foundation was founded by none other than our actress, Mariska Hargitay who plays Olivia Benson from Law and Order SVU. Their mission is to transform society's response to sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse, support survivors' healing, and end this violence forever.

Not only do they do amazing things for survivors, they also work on End the Backlog, which we at Forensic Myles are very passionate about! 

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Our Mascots

Meet our mascots, you may hear them in our podcast but they are the cheerleaders that keep us going! Mo is our 5 year old Yorkie Pomeranian and Nola is our feisty, 4 year old Siberian Husky!

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