• The Unbelievable Story of What Happened to Candice

    The Unbelievable Story of What Happened to Candice
    The night of October 31st, 1992 in the town of Kipling in Saskatchewan Canada, unraveled in a web that would leave one woman fighting for justice for over 7 years. Candice otherwise known as Candy (I'm not sure if either are her real name) had been visited by her at work by her ex-boyfriend. The encounter wasn’t great, they argued (as they had in the past) and as he drove away, Candice put a footprint in the side of his pick-up truck. Overwhelmed and upset about the argument, Candice left work and decided to visit her...
  • The Black Widow of Las Vegas

    The Black Widow of Las Vegas
    Ronald Rudin was born November 13th, 1930 in Chicago, which is where he grew up. He was an Army vet and decided to go to Las Vegas where he saw great potential as they were going through a major shift during that time. This is where he made his fortune, brokering real estate deals. All his hard work paid off, Ron was an extremely successful realtor in Las Vegas, in fact, Ron was a millionaire and was known as a real estate mogul He was known as a caring landlord who would allow tenants to be...
  • The Staircase

    The Staircase
    So if you know this case, you know that there is a lot going on, and it's difficult to know where to start. But I think that I want to start at the beginning of when everything started to go downhill, the very very beginning. In 1972 at a US Military base in Germany, two school teachers became very close friends, their names were Patricia and Elizabeth. Elizabeth soon met a man named George Ratliff they married and the two couples became close. Both women had two children - Patty had two sons, Clayton and Todd...
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