UNSOLVED: Jelani Day

UNSOLVED: Jelani Day

Jelani Day was lasy seen on August 24th. He was last seen in Bloomington, Illinois at a store called Beyond/Hello at around 9:12am. From CCTV footage, police have shared that he was wearing a blue Detroit Lions baseball hat, a black graphic tee shirt, white shorts and black shoes. 

His family reported him missing on August 25th after attempting to reach him and being unsuccessful. 

Jelani is a graduate student at Illinois State University and had missed multiple days of class, which promoted concern among faculty. 

On August 26th police found a Jelani's vehicle in a wooded area around the Illinois Valley YMCA. Inside the vehicle, police discovered clothing matching what Jelani was wearing in the video footage. However they did not find any sign of Jelani in the car or around the area. 

On September 4th local police found an unidentified boy on the South Bank of the Illinois River. 

Although authorities took DNA from family members on September 6th, no results have been released as police told the family they don't have the necessary chemicals to test the DNA. 


The body found on September 4th has been identified as that of Jelani. 

This case is still not over, let's get it solved!

If you have any information or have seen Jelani please contact BFD Dispatch 309-820-8888 or contact Det. Paul Jones at 309-434-2548 or pjones@cityblm.org," the organization





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