• A Squire's Riches

    A Squire's Riches
    In 2008, Ari Squire had everything going for him, at least that's what it looked like from the outside. He had a successful construction business, a large house in a Chicago suburb, a wife, and was able to indulge in his favorite past time, Truck Pulls. If you don't know what truck pulls are, I didn't, basically, it's a contest to see who’s truck can pull the heaviest load the fastest. It requires a good amount of skill and you have to be a pretty good mechanic to have this as one of your hobbies, Ari was....
  • Three's A Crowd • The Murder of Susan Fassett

    Three's A Crowd • The Murder of Susan Fassett
    On the night of October 28th, 1999 at around 9pm Susan Fassett makes her way to her parked car after choir practice at Pleasant Valley Church in Poughkeepsie New York.  She got into her car, placed her belongings on the passenger seat, reached to put her seatbelt on and right there, in the middle of the parking lot, Susan was fatally shot five times.  Susan Fassett was a 48-year-old mother of two teenage boys. She was tall and blonde and beautiful and she ran the Personnel Department for the Town of Poughkeepsie. Her husband Jeff Fassett, also...
  • The Murders of Sharon Myers & Kelly Ekhart

    The Murders of Sharon Myers & Kelly Ekhart
    In this episode, we are covering the murders of two women. Two women whose deaths are so similar that for a while, Franklin Indiana felt that they might have a serial killer on their hands.  Sharon Myers was a 26-year-old married, mother of a thirteen-week old son, Jason. Her husband’s name was David. She worked at Arvin Industries Gladstone Plant in Franklin Indiana in the human resources department. On May 13th, 1997, Sharon was seen in the parking lot of Arvin Industries at around 6:15 am. She never goes in to work and she is never seen...
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